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Support your favorite causes while celebrating digital art.

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We empower artists to funnel their art and creativity into a meaningful global action focusing on social, humanitarian, and altruistic issues via sustainable non-fungible tokens.

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Respecting the Environment

Fayyr NFTs are minted on the NEAR protocol, a Proof-of-Stake blockchain that is committed to being climate neutral.

By participating in the Fayyr charitable marketplace, you can own the latest in Digital Art and support important causes, without negatively impacting the climate.

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Focus on Health

The impact of COVID-19 on mental and physical health is of great concern, and the demand for health services is at an all-time high. We work closely with non-profit organizations and content creators to provide support in times like these. Explore our resources to learn how to become a part of Fayyr and support a cause you are passionate about.

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Our non-profits

Non-profit organizations are a powerful force for positive impact on the planet. We're excited to support a range of organizations that our artists are passionate about.

If you are as excited as we are to back these groups, and the artists that love them, take a look at the gallery, or find the perfect charity that matches your interests.

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What we do

Supporting charities

At Fayyr we talk directly with charities and explain how our platform can help them connect with donors for their cause. We provide various levels of service -- for crypto experts or newbies.

Working with artists

We provide an easy to use interface for artists to share their work in support of their favorite causes. Every artist has their own personalized gallery and can easily track their art.


What good is an NFT platform that's ruining the envrionment? We use NEAR to remain climate neutral while giving charities access to the trillion dollar crypto-economy.